Shelly is multi-faceted Actor that is energetic & full of life.
She grew up in Toronto, Canada.From her early career in Sales, Marketing & Training in the Beauty Industry, she felt like she was putting on a show everyday to different people already. …and then one day her friend’s relative asked her to work as a Character Actor with her company. That is where she discovered she really loves acting.She has always loved Cartoons so incredibly much, that she decided to go into VoiceOver work as well so that she can become the cartoons herself too.

Which then led her into Commercial work, & the Second City Stagecraft & Improvisation program, then On-Camera Acting.
Boy does she loves to laugh & make others laugh too!
The plan was to just take one Improv Term at Second City to advance her skills, but then she fell in love with Improv after 2 classes and has now completed the whole Program + so much more!
She loves writing sketch comedies too.

As much as she likes the light hearted roles, she also loves the dramatic serious roles very much so too.

Shelly has always loved musical theatre as well. She hopes to be in a musical theatre production one day soon.

She continues to work very hard everyday studying, classes, auditions, guitar lessons, song-writing & writing. This is what she loves and is so grateful & happy that this is now her career.

“I grew up watching so many amazing cartoons (and still watching lots now) which I still remember so clearly because they have helped me through so much in life growing up & brought me sooo much joy! I wish to be able to bring the same joy to everyone out there and even if they don’t remember the me, they will always still remember and have their beloved cartoons forever.”



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